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What's all included in a Transmission Fluid Service

·‍‍‍Test drive vehicle to e‍‍‍nsure proper operation of the transmission

·Inspect fluid‍‍‍

·Using a Transmission Service Machine we attach it to the transmission cooler lines  so that the fluid will circulate.

·As the fluid is circulating new fluid is being added as the old fluid is removed.  This ensures all the fluid is replace and the filter is cleaned

·Test drive again to ensure transmission fluid is at the correct level.

Benefits of doing a Transmission fluid Service

·All the fluid is replace.  Doing a drain and fill on a transmission will leave fluid in the torque convertor and inside the gears.  By doing a drain and fill you only replace about half the fluid

·Cleans the filter.  Most new cars today do not a filter that is serviceable.  The filter is inside the transmission and can not be gotten to.  

Why you want to do a Transmission Fluid Service

·The transmission fluid cleans, lubricates and cools the internal components of the transmission.  As the fluid gets old it starts to break down allowing wear to happen.  Over time that wear will cause the transmission to fail.  Changing the transmission fluid on a regular bases is the number 1 thing you can do to prolong the life of your transmission.  

All this can be done for only $215.62 including tax*

                                                                       *Some cars require special transmission fluid.  On those cars there is an additional fee for the fluid.

Transmissio‍‍‍n Fluid Service

Included in our standard oil change*

Up to 5 qts of Castrol GTX motor oil

Premium Parts Master oil filter

 Full inspection of the car including

·  Checking and adjusting tire air pressure if needed

·  Inspection of tires for proper wear

·  Checking all fluids for condition and level, and topping off if needed

·  Checking suspension for tightness and any defects

·  Inspect the powertrain, coolant system and steering for any leaks

·  Inspection of battery, for age and corrosion on terminals

·  Inspection of wipers, washers, horn belts, shocks/struts and exhaust for proper operation

·  Inspection of air filter for cleanness and replacement is needed (Additional charge for the air filter)

All this plus more for only $38.99

*Includes conventional oil and oil filter, Synthetic oil is extra.


Oil ‍‍‍Chan‍‍‍ge

Includes in a standard Brake Service‍‍‍‍‍‍

           ·Inspection of all b‍‍‍rake pads, shoes, calipers, hardware and lines to ensure proper operation.

           ·Replacement of worn brake pads with quality Wagner brake pads as need.

           ·Ether machining or replacing brake rotors or drums

           ·Clean and lubing all caliper hardware and slides.

           ·Inspect all hardware and replace as needed.

           ·Cleaning of all mounting surfaces.

           ·Flush the brake fluid depending on the age and condition.

Why we ether machine or replace rotors.

With use rotors will start to develop a glazed surface along with rust and possible some warpage.  If you only replace the brake pads you can have noise issues, also the pads will not grip the rotors efficiency causing decrease brake performance.

We always replace the rotors if they are too thin to machine to prevent the rotor from warping or cracking under use.

Why we flush the brake fluid.

Brake fluid with age and use will start to collect moisture and contaminates in it.  This prevents the brake fluid from maintaining the same pressure in the system.  This will cause a soft brake pedal and can effect stopping distance.  It can also over time wear out the brake system from the inside.


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